The world's global style network

Launch a data-driven subscription business


Our client is the world’s global style network, forecasting trends to empower clients across the world to make better decisions.

They came to us when they planned to launch a new, more technical product which targeted a different set of prospective users – a set that was new for their sales team, and which would require a radically different sales approach.

“True & North provided us with fresh and tangible strategies to engage clients.”

Account Manager, West Coast, USA


True & North analyzed the new product and its potential applications and identified the job functions that would benefit most from it, by speaking to prospects, generating insights about them, their day-to-day tasks, their KPIs and their wider objectives.

With these customer insights and a firm sense of the new product’s value proposition in place, True & North created a Playbook – including customer personas as well as questions and statements to drive the sale – and content for an interactive, one-day workshop to galvanize the global sales team.

Run in the client’s London, New York and Los Angeles offices, these workshops gave senior executives and members of the sales and commercial teams a chance to role-play their clients, so they could see the world and the new product from their perspective. From there, under the supervision of our facilitators, participants applied new approaches to live opportunities. Further to the workshop, True & North provided follow-up coaching sessions to support implementation.

“Addressing a new market with a new technology is tricky but breaking it down with True & North actually made it simple.”

Business Development Director for North America


The workshops and follow-up were successful in giving the sales team confidence and enthusiasm for the new product and, in turn, they were able to gain considerable traction on the product launch.