Future-proofing an Innovation agency


Having transformed their business five times over the last 40 years, award-winning Innovation and Digital Transformation agency R/GA already knows how important it is to help clients adapt to ever-changing consumer behaviour.

Headquartered in New York, and with offices across the globe, the agency has a history of creating iconic campaigns for brands including Nike, Google and Beats by Dre.

But now that the rest of the market has access to the technology, tools and techniques the agency have pioneered for decades, R/GA is keen to overcome the many growth challenges ahead.

Iain Preston, Executive Director for Client Services and Andrea Mulligan, Director of Business Development explain why R/GA must continue to evolve its ways of working.

What We Did

The future of agency-customer relationships lies in Client Centricity; where you no longer passively wait for a brief, but instead immerse yourself in the client’s world to the point where you can proactively predict their needs.

R/GA has embraced this approach, through a programme of workshops from True & North, including Empathy Mapping in Client Leadership.

Being empathetic when sharing truths about market conditions and industry challenges builds trust, creating a shift in mindset at R/GA from one where they are trying to sell, to one in which the client wants to buy.

Iain and Andrea share how our workshops give their team a framework and glossary to confidently lead client conversations.


“We appreciate different approaches to things, a slightly disruptive way of doing things, and a boldness and creativity about what we’re doing, and True & North has brought that to us.”

Liz Nottingham, Executive HR Director, R/GA

The Impact

The R/GA team talks a lot about systems and storytelling. This approach was echoed in our workshops, where we stressed that the structure and preparation before meeting a client is just as important as being human with them.

Iain believes True & North gave the team systematic and repeatable tools and techniques to build empathetic relationships, while Andrea feels the natural communication gives personality and resonance to the client relationship.

R/GA’s Executive HR Director Liz Nottingham says True & North techniques have proven to be a success, with her teams applying the lessons they learned every day.