Reinforcing an ad agency’s approach to empathy

The Client

They have one of the world’s foremost sales and marketing thought leaders as CEO, so you might think VaynerMedia London would be training True & North on Client Centricity, rather than the other way around.

But even though they pride themselves on being the most effective global full-service advertising agency in the current landscape of consumer attention, that didn’t stop them inviting us in to fine-tune their teams’ approach to client relationships.

Executive Director Eric Fulwiler admits it’s a challenging time: “There are lots of smart people trying to solve the same needs for clients. The big priorities for us are always focused on people, bringing on board the best talent, setting them up to be successful, and finding clients who share our perspective on modern day marketing.”


“We had a great experience with True & North, whose concept and approach to using Design Thinking in Client Leadership fits wells with our value of empathy, something that is core to our business and how we work with clients.”

Eric Fulwiler, Executive Director, London, VaynerMedia.

The Work

Learning and development is a big initiative at VaynerMedia as they seek to attract and retain the best talent.

And while they confidently set the vision, values and framework of the company from the top down, supporting their staff to become increasingly empathetic to customer needs is where the real culture shift happens.

The Result

VaynerMedia are all about the ‘hustle’, and in their quest to propel the world’s biggest brands to the intersection of attention and culture, they’re now armed with a more consultative approach to new business and client leadership.

Their teams have even started applying True & North’s methods for co-creation, collaboratively bring clients into the creative process, making strategies and activations more desirable.