Making sales conferences count

How can you pack more value than ever into your annual all-staff event?

What we did

Introduced teams to ethnographic research to help them understand clients better, then write killer c-suite ‘cold outreach emails’

Ran workshops on co-creating solutions with customers using questions and storytelling

Created a digital supermarket, where delegates spoke to stallholders about various digital activations, before choosing the most effective ones to answer the brief


Leading international broadcaster Euronews has sales teams across the globe, and bringing them all together at their 2-day annual sales conference is no mean feat.

So rather than just providing updates on products for the sales teams to monetise in the coming year, they asked us to co-create the event to help staff leave with practical tools that would help them excel at their jobs.


Working with senior Euronews stakeholders we delivered a two-day sales simulator, where teams competed to deliver the perfect pitch in response to real client briefs. 

They took part in a series of workshops to guide them step-by-step through sales process best practice, all underpinned by our tried and tested techniques adapted from design thinking, behavioural economics and neuroscience.

“In order to grow revenue, we had a big shift to make, we had to reset processes, change the types of revenue we generated and we had to reorientate the team to think differently, going from a fixed portfolio to an insight-led / client-centred approach. True & North were integral to this huge reset. We grew 31% in a shrinking market.

Carolyn Gibson
Chief Revenue Officer, EuronewsNBC
The event culminated in a Dragon’s Den-style pitch where teams put their knowledge to the test sell in their work to ‘clients’ played by Euronews management team. The resulting pitches were live-streamed into a greenroom where other teams could watch, learn and collate feedback.  

Every delegate said

I'm now better equipped to engage clients

Over 86% said

I'm now more prepared to sell digital activations

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