Winning the brief workshop

When confronted with a creative brief, many media professionals feel somehow unsure of how to tackle it. This is partly because the assumption exists that ‘sales’ and ‘creativity’ don’t work well together. This is a myth. In a fast-changing media landscape, having an open and creative mind is key to finding and articulating the best solutions for your clients. This workshop helps you turn a brief into winning ideas in three clear stages: exploration, ideation and selection.

First, you will understand how the best ideas are always underpinned by strategic rigour and insight. You’ll then be provided with a toolkit of techniques to help you think creatively and deliver award-winning solutions.

Most importantly you will crack the creativity myth, showing that there is a creative genius inside each and every one of us. You will leave feeling confident in the ability to approach creative briefs and with the tools to increase ratio of business wins in that context.

Who is the Winning the brief workshop for?

The TrueSelling™ Ideation workshop attracts delegates from a variety of backgrounds across the digital and media landscape including brand partnerships managers, commercial editors, sales and client services professionals.

What will you learn?

Constructively question and challenge briefs

Clarify a client’s challenge and identify what makes a powerful insight

Be confident in using techniques that aid creative thinking to generate big ideas

Become competent in selecting the strongest ideas that deliver against a particular challenge

Learn to share big ideas in a clear and concise fashion

Work on live briefs, using a proven methodology to increase win ratios

Additional benefits

All attendees receive a copy of our TrueSelling™ workbook complete with material from the workshop

All attendees receive a 40-minute one-to-one follow up session, with the facilitator to assess and embed progress and to evaluate impact

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