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True & North continue to be integral to the successful delivery of Meta's industry leading Select program. David & team's client-centric approach and use of evidence-based tools, such as empathy mapping, has inspired new thinking and enabled our participants to develop sustainable strategies that can be applied professionally to understand their clients better and deliver on their objectives.
Sarah Logan
Global Programs Lead, Meta

Select is a global, exclusive thought-leadership and professional development programme aiming to educate and inspire media agency industry leaders in client, strategy and planning roles. The programme consists of specially curated events held throughout the year where participants gain insightful learnings from industry leaders, Meta leadership and planning teams as well as engaging in interactive workshops and experiencing the latest technology on offer.

True & North has been a strategic learning partner for Select since 2021, supporting Meta teams in designing optimal programme experiences and empowering agency partners to become more client-centred.

In 2023 True & North delivered multiple Client-centred Thinking Workshops across markets as well as co-facilitating Clinics – pragmatic & actionable workshops during Select Highlight, the pinnacle of the programme. This enabled delegates to dive deep into Meta advertising products and the best way to position them to brands.

The results



Found the workshop useful.


Say the training will have a positive impact on the way they work with their clients.


State they discovered how Meta products can help them better solve their clients’ challenges.


“Very motivating and strongly inspiring.”

“Excellent, hands-on experience. Highly recommend it!”


“Concrete toolkit to organize ideas and find insights and actions.”

“Interesting to put into practice what has been presented only in theory.”

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