Creating cultures that sustain growth

  • Empowering Leaders
  • Inspiring People

Thrive in a fast-moving world

In a world where clutter, speed and complexity are the norm, the ability to navigate ambiguity and guide others to solutions defines success.

The industries our clients are in are heavily affected by technology. We help them see through the haze and focus on business's human qualities - our ability to listen, empathise, distil, help and influence.

The TrueSelling method

TrueSelling is a proven method that uniquely combines positive influence with the fundamentals of consultative sales. Our approach provides practitioners with a holistic vision which simplifies the business of influence.

Five simple steps, providing a flexible path through ambiguity to consistent customer success.

1 Prepare

Demonstrate how engaging with you could be worthwhile. Take a guess at what would be valuable to your client and distil this into a question

2 Align

Agree your client's objectives with them and help them prioritise those objectives

3 Quantify

Co-create your client's strategy to deliver on those objectives and help them quantify the value of making something happen

4 Ideate

Agree a potential solution with your client, combining an idea at an agreed cost

5 Do

Make yourself easy to buy from. Help your client build consensus with stakeholders, mitigate risks and decide how to evaluate your project

"Useful and insightful. The session galvanised our team and helped us better articulate what we do."

Jeremy Basset
Global Marketing and Strategy Director, Unilever

"We saw an immediate impact on new business and closed deals. This revenue outstripped our investment a few times over."

Chris Howells
Director, Guardian Labs, The Guardian

"The most valuable training I've had in the past 5 years. Interesting, insightful and entertaining. Methods I can apply immediately."

Russell Pirie
Managing Partner, Havas Media UK


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