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Identify endless opportunities by walking in your clients' shoes

We unpack and simplify the behaviours that govern successful client interactions with virtual and in-person training

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Understand your client deeply
Learn evidence-based tools that increase client empathy, and identify needs and pain points
Identify growth opportunities
Learn how to identify new revenue streams and work with your client to capitalise on them
Build creative confidence
Give your teams a balance of creative and critical thinking so they can innovate with clients
Create trusted advisors
Build confidence and mastery so clients value every interaction with your team
Embed sales best practice
Use a rigorous step-by-step framework to elevate the way your organisation engages with clients
Speed up your sales cycle
Rapidly spot inflection points within a sale so you can deliver value, reduce risk and close business faster

Helping a communications giant be more engaging

True and North helped challenge the way Meta's commercial teams solve problems for their largest and most complex clients. Our programs enable them to creatively problem solve.

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The best relationships are built on authenticity, logic and empathy. And we’d know. We’ve worked in front line sales and client service, learnt from every mistake and mastered the techniques needed to be more thorough, more thoughtful and more confident.

Find your
true north

So we’ll show you and your team how to bring your best self to work. And we’ll teach you how to establish stronger working practices and client relationships based on trust, with clear guard rails to help you achieve every goal.

authenticity logic empathy

Designing change across a global sales team

“True and North provided a language, framework and process that helped us deliver more professional, insightful propositions to clients. We’ve won more business as a result.”
Sean O'Hara

Executive Vice President of Advertising, BBC Worldwide

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