Customer-centered sales

This one-day workshop brings together consultative sales fundamentals and design thinking.

In three steps you’ll learn how to build relationships with potential customers using intelligent insight, driving conversations through empathy and advanced questioning before closing with consensus.

By the end of the workshop you’ll have actions for your live pipeline deals, a holistic view of the buyer journey and the skills to helpfully affect it.

Design Thinking

This one-day workshop introduces participants to Design Thinking through a practical business case study.

Participants learn the difference between Traditional and Design Thinking and practice the key mind sets and techniques of a Design Thinker.

By the end of the day, each participant will have learnt how to frame a design thinking question, to observe users, to generate insights, to run a successful brainstorm, to prototype solutions and to test assumptions.

Nail the brief

This one-day workshop embeds a failsafe four-step approach to brief responses – bringing together rigour and creativity to consistently nail the brief.

This process scales up and down flexibly, whether you’re handling a last-minute client request or a slow burning RFP, a few thousand dollars or millions.

This process has been proven to save time, increase individual confidence and job satisfaction, inject energy across client facing teams as well as increase revenue and win awards


This one-day workshop demystifies the art of great storytelling.

You will leave with a structured approach, transforming big ideas into clear, concise yet exciting and memorable stories.

Ensure your killer insight and game changing ideas are delivered in a compelling and believable way


This one-day workshop, demystifies negotiation fundamentals. You will practice applying negotiation frameworks, strategies and tactics to relevant consumer and business case studies

You will leave with a structured approach to tackle negotiations, however transactional or complex.

2. New business

Business leaders know that new business is the lifeblood of any successful organisation, yet many still struggle to support and motivate their teams in generating new revenues.

Creating something from nothing might sound like a dark art. Just as getting in touch with somebody who doesn’t know you might feel like an imposition. Neither is true. With the right frame of mind and guidance you can consistently create opportunities with people you’ve never spoken to before and be thanked for getting in touch.

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3. Ideation

When confronted with a creative brief, many media professionals feel somehow unsure of how to tackle it. This is partly because the assumption exists that ‘sales’ are ‘creativity’ don’t work well together. This is a myth, and in fact it is wrong. In a fast-changing media landscape, having an open and creative mind is key to find and articulate the best solutions for your clients.

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4. Brand partnership

Our brand partnerships workshop demystifies the challenges of building a successful collaboration between organisations and gives you a clear process to define, outline and pitch great partnerships. What’s more, you will learn ways to consistently maximize monetisation opportunities in partnerships, ensuring your activation plans drive participation and high-levels of engagement

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5. Bespoke

Informed by our proven TrueSelling™ methodology, we work with organisations to design tailored workshops to meet specific objectives.

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1. TrueSelling™

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