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How to do sales in a way that feels right for your people?

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You understand our business and that we need to learn these skills in a way that feels creative, but also steeped in science. This felt like a true connection.”
Jennifer Mcateer


As the world’s leading media investment company, GroupM are on the front line of a new era of media strategy and innovation.

In 2022, they asked us to help them solve for the following challenge: “How can we empower our people to feel comfortable and confident in sales, when sales feels ‘icky’ to them?”

Using our Client-centred Thinking methodology, we have been helping agency teams across New York, Los Angeles, Chicago & Toronto to shape their language and approach to sales so that it feels right for their culture. To ensure long-term impact, we designed and implemented an Ambassadors Program to coach and support senior leaders in embedding learnings and driving behaviour change within their teams.

The results

76% of learners

Strongly Agree the workshop will have a positive impact on the way they work.

99% of learners

Will use the techniques from the workshop in their work.


“I learned how to skip the hard sell and understand client needs.

LA delegate


“The workshop had a nice flow and built on so the learnings were cemented.”  Toronto delegate

“I will immediately apply this to my day to day.” New York delegate

“Engaging, balanced, not ‘salesy’.” Toronto delegate  

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