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The 2nd largest communications group in the world, Publicis Group has experienced first-hand how technology has changed the concept of service, consumer behaviour and marketing. To lead this change, they have reinvented themselves for the connected age by moving from a Holding Company to a Platform through their Power of One Approach. This radical transformation puts clients at the centre to facilitate access to Publicis’ services. 

 This new model is designed to accompany clients in a fast-moving environment. For this bold brand promise to be met, client-centricity has to live and breathe through every client-facing person and in every client interaction. 

In 2023, Publicis Groupe UK tasked True & North with helping their senior client-facing population and rising stars to build more client-centric behaviours. Our Client-centred Thinking methodology has been deployed with teams across 22 different Publicis Groupe UK agencies, enabling them to strengthen their relationship with clients and, in turn, drive growth.

The results

73 NPS

Net Promoter Score measured across 5 workshops delivered to a senior cross-agency audience 

4.7 / 5.0

Average participant rating for the workshop


“I will be able to apply client-centred thinking into my day-to-day immediately.” Spark Foundry learner

“It’s brilliant, my entire perspective towards handling the brief has changed.” Zenith learner


“What I learned today can literally be applied in every step of my daily work.” Performics learner

“One of the most practical and actionable trainings I’ve been to.” SalterBaxter learner

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