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I enjoyed breaking down the brief, identifying the challenges and deducing insights. Really good course that landed perfectly.
4Studio Delegate


British broadcaster Channel 4 is known for its innovative and diverse programming, including groundbreaking documentaries, comedy, reality TV shows and independent films. It’s renowned for pushing boundaries, sparking debate, and reflecting the interests and concerns of its audience.

In June 2020, 4Studio was launched: a brand-new digital content studio with a commercial remit to create social-first branded content for young audiences and distribute it at scale across Channel 4’s social platforms. To achieve that, 4Studio’s team of talented young creatives needed to step up their commercial game. They had to become expert problem solvers, delivering solutions for business challenges from both internal and external stakeholders.

True & North’s Nail the Brief training equipped young creatives with the necessary skills to bring together rigour and creativity to consistently nail the brief. This resulted in the best possible use of Channel 4’s assets and to the programme being extended to Channel4’s AdSales team in 2023.

The results


Say the workshop will have a positive impact on their work.


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“Really good course. Landed perfectly.” Ad Sales delegate

“Felt like a very comfortable and safe environment!” 4Studios delegate

“Working on an actual brief was helpful and being collaborative with people we work with.” 4Studios delegate

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