Giving AI a human outlook

How do you deliver growth in a recessionary market?

What we did

Delivered a Client-Centered Thinking workshop to provide an intuitive and repeatable framework to develop meaningful relationships with customers.
Embedded key learnings and techniques through follow up support.


With Client-Centred Thinking implemented across the business, everyone from the CEO to the sales team adopted a consistent language and approach to sales.
More rigour in proposals and lead qualification resulted in an uplift to Sensat’s bid-to-win ratio.


As a leading data capture and visualisation platform provider to the civil infrastructure industry, Sensat builds technology that uses AI to translate the real world into a digital version. This helps construction companies understand their physical environments to make smarter project decisions faster, while working more efficiently and sustainably.

To sell its disruptive technology into more traditional markets, Sensat’s leadership team recognised that they had an extra need for sales rigour, especially with the team selling in a recessionary market and working from home.


Using our Client-Centred Thinking method, we upskilled the sales team to qualify prospects more effectively and build a well-forecasted pipeline. We also equipped them with a simple and repeatable framework to develop meaningful relationships with customers at speed.

In addition, we helped the sales team create and drive value-based discussions with clients and supported management with embedding change through follow up group coaching sessions.

Our pipeline is healthier, our opportunities far more qualified, and our team is forming relationships and developing solutions that actually make a tangible impact to our customers.

James Fricker

Managing Director, Sensat

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