Client-centred Thinking

Workshop Overview

A hands-on workshop where you put yourself in your client’s shoes so you can find your best role in their world and collaborate for mutual growth:

  1. Take a fresh look at your key stakeholder using an Empathy Map
  2. Set yourself up as a strategic partner with well thought-out Anchoring Questions
  3. Identify previously hidden opportunities and use value selling to position your offer
  4. Apply Behavioural Economics to identify and mitigate risks

What you’ll learn

 Leave with a 3-step methodology that allows you to truly understand your client and how you can help them across the entire buyer journey, driving the sale in a way that works for both of you.

These will act as a repeatable framework to engage every client with a balance of empathy and strategic rigour, maintaining commercial focus and control throughout.

Our workshops are not a drill!

Working with peers on your own opportunities, you will plan, execute and protect your best client conversations.

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The experience

This workshop can range from a 4-hour introduction session to a full-month sprint, depending on the audience and their needs.

Ideal for organisations looking to add innovation to their sales conversations or for client-facing teams who don’t consider themselves “sellers”.

Continue your learning journey beyond the classroom!
With our Delegate Portal, participants have access to post-workshop resources, refresher and practice sessions to continue developing and embedding new learnings after the workshop.

Read enough?
Let’s talk!

Drop us a line to discuss the learning objectives you have for your people with someone from our team.

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