5 Ways You Can Learn How to Sell Better

24th January 2019

A salesperson is often seen as a bit of an enigma, we assume the good ones just have some sort of knack for it, “they’re a natural” is what we tell ourselves. However, there is...

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Don’t Just Listen, Observe

15th October 2018

We all know how important empathy is, but what does it look like in action? By definition, it is “the ability to understand and share the feelings of another” ( Ethnography is “the systematic study...

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The Productivity Misconception

18th September 2018

There seems to be an obsession with tracking productivity in organisations. Leaders sometimes focus too hard on maximising productivity to the extent where focus is lost on what the actual goal is. Statistics show this can be...

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The Role of Empathy in Business

31st August 2018

Empathy in business is often a trait overlooked. Clichés like “the customer is always right” or “the customer always comes first” are thrown about without much thought as to what they actually mean. If a...

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11th April 2018

In the digital age, web accessibility is crucial to securing sustainable employability. According to a report published in the US by the Council of Economic Advisers in 2016, household broadband significantly quickens the process of...

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The Guardian’s Changing Media Summit

15th March 2018

David was interviewed at the Guardian’s Changing Media Summit by Entale’s Hannah Blake. They discussed the current media ecosystem, GDPR and it’s potential effects on the UK’s display advertising market. David and Hannah also talk...

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Client Thought Leadership Series, Episode 3

9th September 2016

David Fogel, Deputy Director at Wayra. In this episode Wayra’s Deputy Director David Fogel speaks to True & North about the nature of sales in high growth businesses and the importance of balancing strategy and...

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Client Thought Leadership Series, Episode 2

Tim Gentry, Global Revenue Director at The Guardian In this episode The Guardian’s Global Revenue Director talks to True & North about Peak Complexity in the marketing and advertising industries and what this means for...

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Client Thought Leadership Series, Episode 1

Simon Jenkins, Head of Planning at Havas Media In this episode, Havas Media’s Head of Planning Simon Jenkins talks to David about Meaningful Brands, the changing consumer path to purchase as well as how Agencies...

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Seedcamp Podcast

16th August 2016

David Clayton was interviewed on Seedcamp recently, See the original post here. In this episode, Seedcamp Partner Carlos was joined by David Clayton from True & North. Starting off by speaking about David’s early life and...

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Building Winning Cultures in the Age of Programmatic

6th January 2016

Post by Rebecca Muir from Exchange Wire. Original post here. The current debate around commercial media is dominated by technology. Yet people remain the industry’s lifeblood, and culture its driving force. In this piece, David Clayton, managing...

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All Clients Hate Risk: What To Do About It

29th October 2014

David Clayton wrote an article on Seedcamp recently, See this original post here. Up until now you’ve been focused on impressing investors – and you’ve done something right because you’ve raised funds for your business. It would...

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Figuring Out The Formula For B2B Sales

3rd June 2014

Here’s an article for Seedcamp by Lucy Stonehill, Founder and CEO at UBridge. See this original post here. This is a guest post by Lucy Stonehill, founder of BridgeU, a startup that democratizes access to the...

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