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Introducing start-ups to the fundamentals of client-centricity

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"True & North's workshops are one of the best rated amongst our entrepreneurs and they consistently report a lot of value and practical advice they get from it. Teams without much sales experience develop quickly using their approach and experienced sales teams gain valuable insights from the experience as well. I truly recommend it to all our entrepreneurs."
Bruno Moraes
Country Manager at Wayra UK


Wayra UK is Telefonica’s open innovation platform, which nurtures high growth businesses to come up with new ways of servicing Telefónica’s customers. This gives start-ups unparalleled access to 350 million customers and clients in multiple countries.

From 2016 to 2022, True & North were Wayra’s sales experts in residence, supporting all of the education programmes being delivered to entrepreneurs, including:

  • NCSC Cyber Security
  • Intelligent Mobility Accelerator
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Health-Tech
  • Fair-by-Design

The results


“I have built several successful cybersecurity businesses and I have an MBA from Harvard Business School.
Despite that experience, I have no hesitation in saying that the single best sales training that I have ever had was facilitated by True & North.”

John Fitzgerald
CEO, Adents


“I was keen to gain an understanding of the fundamentals of consultative sales in order to better appreciate and support my sales team.

Distilled into an easily digestible series of lessons and exercises, the workshop provided far more than I could have hoped for.

With a list of clear actions I was able to win a contract with one of the largest FMCG companies in the world, the largest contract in our company’s history.

I am continuing to make my own sales and contribute to our sales results.”

Prask Sutton
Founder & CEO, Wi-5


“Before meeting True & North we had two customers. After one session we saw our offer from the perspective of the customer. As a result, we articulated our value more simply and impactfully – how we reduced their transaction fees, instead of features. Within weeks we had partnerships with two of the world’s biggest payment providers.”

Andrew Rabbit
CEO, Incuto

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