Delivering a Value-Selling Evolution

Shifting mindsets from Product-centric to Client-centric.

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"It is incredibly rewarding to see individuals develop in just one or two sessions. We see the proof on the subsequent sales calls. It is a wonderful opportunity for us as a team that is expanding globally to partner with True & North. "
BRANDAN CONDON, Former Global Chief Revenue Officer


Captify, a leading search intelligence company, provides unique insights that help advertisers, agencies, and publishers make informed media and marketing decisions. The end of 3rd party cookies brought them a once-in-a-generation opportunity to become partners of choice for advertisers to target audiences accurately in this new context.

To meet this unique opportunity, Captify’s client-facing teams needed to evolve. From great customer service and transactional RFPs to engaging upstream and adding value in every client interaction. Furthermore, they needed to ensure that sales teams were able to consistently convey the benefits of their complex technology in a clear and compelling way.

True & North provided Client-centred Thinking workshops to all Captify client-facing teams – from sales to marketing and operations – enabling their full organisation to become engines for growth. To ensure their proposals really stood out, True & North provided sales teams with Nail the Brief and Business Storytelling workshops, giving them the tools needed to up their game in brief responses. 

This programme drove a long-lasting mindset shift, enabling Captify teams to move from transactional to conversational relationships and become solvers for their clients

The results


3 months after attending Client-centred Thinking, 89% of respondents stated they had successfully applied the techniques from our workshop in their day-to-day work.


 3 months after training:

  • 80% felt equipped to advise clients across the full Captify portfolio
  • 100% said their proposals were more ambitious, going beyond the client’s brief
  • 89% stated our programme had helped them better understand clients


Only 3 months after workshop, 44% of respondents stated the programme had a direct impact in helping them drive revenue growth.


67% of respondents agreed the workshop helped them engage more senior stakeholders

100% of respondents felt more confident managing meetings / calls with their senior stakeholders

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