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"Following the work with True & North I was more direct and able to unlock an opportunity worth 40% more than was on the brief."
Managing Partner
Havas Media


True & North ran a Client-Centred Thinking Workshop to help the client-facing team see things from the clients’ perspective. We Introduced Havas Media teams to empathy mapping for meeting preparation, advanced questioning and techniques to demonstrate the value of their solutions.

The results


“Now, when we’re looking to sell additional products and services, we’re spending a lot more time on the empathy required to put ourselves into the shoes of the client. ”

Head of Planning
Havas Media


“The most valuable training I’ve had in the past 5 years. Interesting, insightful and entertaining. Methods I can apply immediately.”

Managing Partner
Havas Media


By interogating the needs in the brief, managing partners unlocked organic growth.

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